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On Tuesday, April 10, 1973, a horrible fire nearly ruined Buddy LaRosa’s original location on Boudinot Avenue in Western Hills. The blaze began in a deep fryer in the Pizzeria kitchen, virtually destroying the kitchen area before fireman could contain the flames.

Insurance adjusters predicted at least 180 days would be needed to make repairs and improvements necessary to re-open the Pizzeria. This was devastating news, which if true, could have brought LaRosa’s to financial ruin.

But, on the Saturday after the fire, a miracle happened that would forever create a special bond between LaRosa’s and the High Schools in our community.

As demolition work was set to begin that morning, truckloads of coaches and teachers, students, and athletes from Western Hills, Elder, Oak Hills, and other schools arrived to lend a hand. They volunteered their time and energy, helping wherever needed, as a gesture of support for Buddy and his company, whom they had come to know as a great friend.

Buddy would never forget what these unselfish people did for his business. He pledged that day to do whatever he could to support High School sports in Cincinnati. He eventually dedicated the Buddy LaRosa High School Sports Hall of Fame to honor the heroes that helped him survive tragedy.
A Proud Legacy of Supporting High School Sports